Briggs Marine Environment Agency THAMES GUARDIAN passing through

The Environment Agency have been investing in new survey craft over the last couple of years for their research, survey and patrol work across the United Kingdom. A series of new 'Guardian' catamaran Coastal Survey Vessels have been delivered to the agency by managers Briggs Marine that cover major waterways including the Humber, Mersey, Severn and the Thames.

Briggs Marine Environment Agency survey vessel THAMES GUARDIAN
THAMES GUARDIAN - Photo taken Thursday 9th May 2013

The new 15 year contract sees Briggs Marine supply vessels to replace the aging mono hull boats used for more than 20 years by the Environment Agency. The new craft are owned and crewed by Briggs and available to the Environment Agency on a contract basis.
For the Thames a new vessel was built by Alnmeritec and delivered in 2011. THAMES GUARDIAN is a stretched version of the Wave Guardian catamaran similar to that of the new Port of London Authority harbour patrol services launches.

I am assuming that she replaces an older vessel of the same name (photo here) and works alongside a far more frequent Environment Agency vessel THAMES CHAMPION.

More information on Briggs and the THAMES GUARDIAN at briggs marine
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